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Concrete Pad Foundation (onsite structures)

Sites are prepared with 5" - 6” of concrete for the placement of the structure. The concrete pad will be the same size as the structure you are ordering. We can do it for you or you can prepare the site yourself.

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Crushed Stone Foundation (portable buildings)

Once you have checked with your local official for placement of the structure purchased and have approval, clear out any trees shrubs or brush in that area, and then stake out the exact dimensions of your structure and add 1’ to the length and width.  This allows for optimum drainage.  If this is not done, the drainage from the roof will created puddles / ruts in the ground.  They will splash up on the bottom sides of the structure during every storm.  The gravel base will prolong the life of your new structure.


1.  Remove 4” to 6” of sod or lawn from that area.
2.  Fill that area with ¾” – 1 ½” crusher run stone.  Gravel yards commonly call it #2 crusher run.
3. This stone must be tampered down and leveled to assure that the designated spot is perfectly level.  The stone should be at least 4” to 6” in height.  Additional stone might be required to make the designated location level.  (Your site must be within 6” of level to avoid additional loads of stone and associated charges)

Important things to note:

* North Country Storage Barns is not responsible for ruts or damage to the lawn during delivery.
* Cinder blocks are not recommended.  
* If you block and level smaller units, 2" patio pavers are the best product for this application.

* A concrete base for a storage shed or vehicle storage unit is not needed, and does not allow for proper drainage.  
* A crusher run base is the best for structures designed with pressure treated bases.
* Once the structure is placed, landscaping around the edge is recommended for aesthetic purposes and helping to hold the gravel in place.