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Relocation services and pricing

Portable Building Relocation
Storage Shed Transport and Delivery
Licensed Certified Escort Service

  1. Base charge $300 if the move stays within a 20 mile radius of Philadelphia, New York
  2. All other moves are $300 and then $5 per mile one way.
  3. Any structure not produced by North Country Storage Barns can be moved also.  
  4. Prices are subject to change.  
  5. Please have the building style, length, width, height, and 4" x 4" placement ready when you call.
  6. Prices above apply to structures manufactured by North Country Storage Barns.  
  7. Other structures are subject to additional charges.

North Country Storage Barns is not responsible for any damage that might incur to your building or property.  We are also not responsible for ruts, scratches & or dents during the move.  The move area must be free of debris and we  must be able to move  around within the move area. Buildings should be empty. Additional charges may apply on large finished-off buildings.

Call 315-642-0209 or contact us with pictures for a free price quote.