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Kick up the yard a level by enhancing the beauty of your surroundings with a wood or vinyl gazebo. Planning a wedding, party, family meeting, spot on the water, or just want a place to chill?

Then you want a gazebo from North Country Storage Barns.

Outdoor fun brings families togther. Make new long lasting memories that will last forever in your new gazebo.

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Octagon vinyl gazebos are a very popular shape, and the style options are endless. Choose you style of posts, braces, railings, ceilings and so much more. Order a gazebo today and have it professionally delivered to your exact spot, or order a kit and assemble it right where you want it. They are designed and engineered to last for generations to come. They are Amish made in Lancaster, PA and the vinyl construction is able to hold up well to the elements of any area and clean up with soap and water.
Oval vinyl gazebos are just waiting for a family gathering small or large, or the neighborhood party that everyone talks about for years to come. Stress free maintenance, and eye catching appeal makes this a classic purchase for anyone wanting to enhance their yard or camp. Make it pop with small upgrades like Victorian braces, colonial rails and a cupola. Or keep it classic and add more height with a pagoda roof.
Are you part of a book club, church gathering, or family meeting and you need more space out of the sun? No matter if you desire a spot next to the pool, or adding a meeting spot in the yard a rectangle vinyl gazebo will enhance the spot. Rectangle vinyl gazebos are carefree living at it finest.
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Vinyl gazebos offer the strength and beauty of a wooden gazebo, without the yearly maintenance. No need for sealing, painting, staining, and or spending your valuable time when you don't have to. The special vinyl will not fade, crack, rot, and or peel. Add a vinyl soffit interior ceiling and have your next gazebo 100% stress free. Keep it clean with soap and water and spend the rest of your time in the gazebo with a tall ice tea and a great book.

Construction details / features:
* 2" x 8" Rafter plates
* Double 2" x 4" roof rafters
* Upper spindles
* 5/4" x 6' decking
* 2" x 6" floor joists
* Strong reinforced corners
* Functional louvered cupola (on select models)
* 5/4" x 6" Face boards
* Wood encased vinyl posts & rails
* 2" x 3" Spindles
* Notched railings
* Screened floor to reduce insects
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