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Gazebos are always in stock at the home location on Route 11 in Philadelphia, New York. Stop by and see them in person, or click on the in stock models on our web site. Gazebos also can be ordered with the exact features and colors that you desire. Unless they are ordered as a kit, they are professionally delivered by North Country Storage Barns drivers and ready to use as soon as it's delivered to your location. For just 25% more we can install the gazebo from a kit form on any excising deck, patio, or a hard to reach location. Ask us for more details on what will work best for your next gazebo.

A financing plan is now available. Fill out an easy application now. It only takes 30 seconds to be pre-approved. An e-mail will give you further instructions. Thank you.
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Octagon wooden gazebos are a staple item at North Country Storage Barns. Quite often our customers take advantage of special savings on a combo purchase of a wooden storage shed and a octagon wooden gazebo. If you're looking for a 10' or 12' octagon gazebo for a place to get away, or a spot with a view think no further than an octagon gazebo. Change the appeal of the gazebo with asphalt shingles, metal roof, rubber slate shingles, or cedar shakes. As us for more details and special pricing.
Wooden Oval Gazebos are an awesome addition to your deck or yard. These can be assembled on your existing deck, or with little to no site preparation placed in your yard with a pressure treated screen floor. Enhance the appearance with deluxe, forester, turned, or square railings. Any gazebo can have screens added to keep the flying pests from being a "pest" to your relaxing time outside. Attached or unattached benches can be added also, or place your own furniture where you want for your comfort .
Have you ever wanted a hot tub, and not sure where you would put it? Wooden rectangle gazebos have the optimum space to house your hot tub or any other item that needs some space. Add four track windows with screens for optimal privacy and ultimate comfort. Various electrical packages are available to allow for lighting, and your hot tub to safely operate under any weather conditions.
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Pressure treated wooden gazebos are constructed with #1 southern yellow pine lumber for utmost strength and time to last over multiple generations. The wood is kiln dried two times to reduce shrinking and twisting. This attention to detail creates a gazebo that will be cherished forever. The southern yellow pine lumber is milled on all four sides that leaves a smooth and delicate appearance.

Details / features:
* 1" x 4" Purlins
* Double 2" x 4" roof rafters
* Upper spindles
* 5/4" x 6' decking
* 2" x 6" floor joists
* Strong reinforced corners
* Functional louvered cupola (on select models)
* 5/4" x 6" Face boards
* 2" x 8" Corner braces
* Laminated 4" x 4" posts
* 2" x 4" Hand rails
* 2" x 3" Spindles
* Sandwich style railings
* Screened floor to reduce insects
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