Delivery details and pricing

  1. Please first consider if there is enough room for North Country Storage Barns to maneuver and put the structure in your desired location. 

  2. Our delivery trucks are 18’ long and the special trailers are either 26’ or 40’ in length. 

  3. We need approximately 36’ to 50’ in length depending on what trailer is used.

  4. The path to get to your location should be free from trees, shrubs, power lines and septic tanks. The overall width should be at least 2’ wider than you building, and at least 14’ in height clearance.

  5. The trailer has wheels that recess down from the middle, so that the trailer can move side to side without the truck moving.  This allows the truck and trailer to “jack knife” itself to place the structure in the most difficult of places.  The truck is typically a Dodge 4500 crew cab.

  6. Smaller structures can be spun at time of delivery as long as space allows assuring proper placement.

  7. When you’re called for a delivery appointment be sure to let the delivery manager know how it should be loaded on the trailer to make the delivery process speedy.

  8. If the truck and trailer are not applicable for delivery, we will use the mule for a added fee of $100.

  9. The first twenty miles are free from the location of purchase.  In-Stock structures only

  10. For ordered structures the first 20 miles is free from 13673 and then ___ per mile to the delivery location.  (see below chart for more details.  The fee is a one way charge)

Shed / Barn Style 6' wide 8' wide 10' wide 12' wide 14' wide
Low Wall $4  $4 $4 $4 N/A
High Wall and Cottage N/A $4 $4 $4 $5
12' wide structures with special siding N/A $4 $4 $5 $5
Quaker N/A $4 $4 $5 $5
Chalet N/A $4 $4 $5 $5
Pavilion N/A N/A $4 $4 $5
Cape Cod N/A $4 $4 $5 N/A
Frontier N/A $4 $4 $4 N/A

(North Country Storage Barns is not responsible for any damage that might incur to the structure or your property during delivery.  Please be sure to have the area free from debris to limit damages.)

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