Rent to Own

Our Rent-To-Own program was designed for an absolutely “no credit required” alternative to the common rental storage units in the state of New York. 

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Rent to Own

The typical rental storage unit:

1Great for renters that only need storage for 1 month or less.


1. You will never own it.

2. Rent it for a lifetime and still never own it!

3. You can only rent what’s available.

4. No personalized, customized units.

Rent-to-Own portable storage buildings from North Country Storage Barns

1. Easy application process.

2. You only need two payments to have a building or playground ready for use + tax and delivery charges.

3. Conveniently placed in your backyard instead of your stuff being stored at another location where you cannot keep an eye it.

4. Can very conveniently be added to your home / renters insurance.

5. It’s yours in only three years, the equal of thirty-four months. Rent it for only three years and own it for a lifetime.

6. Easy payment options.  (Web, walk in to Philadelphia store, auto withdrawal, mail, and phone payments

7. Have your own personalized, custom ordered storage building. Your pick of size, colors, where the doors are located, if you want windows, and many other options.

How It Works

The Rent-to-Own program is an affordable solution that rewards you for completing a 36 month lease by granting you ownership of the product!  At any time the contract can be paid out early at a significant savings to you.

Put only the first month rent down and a security deposit and have your building delivered to your backyard! You may take an early purchase option to close out the contract early at a significant discount.  If you have a financial crisis and cannot make the monthly payments, all you need to do is pay the rent through the day that the building is picked up by us, and your security deposit is refunded to you.  Payments are due exactly 30 days from when your structure is delivered.  A rented structure must be under $8,000 and delivery needs to be both in NY State and within 150 miles of Philadelphia, NY.

Rent to Own


What Can I Rent?

Rent to own is available on the following product lines:

* Storage Sheds / Barns (wood & vinyl)

* Vehicle storage units (wood & vinyl)

* Gazebos (wood & vinyl)

* Playgrounds

* Playhouses

Fill out our Rent-To-Own Online Application and get started today!

Come by and see us today to order your custom storage unit today!

Rent-to-Own is only available for the state of New York.




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