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Who wouldn't want a wood or vinyl gazebo in their yard?

Gazebos enhance the location and add more function to the yard. Gazebos are available in three shapes: the octagon, oval, and rectangle with sizes ranging from the 6' octagon up to a 14' x 24' rectangle or oval. No matter how much space you have, a gazebo can be added to your property generating great memories of relaxing moments.
Gazebos in wood or vinyl are constructed from the finest materials possible. Pressure treated wooden gazebos are prepared from #1 Southern Yellow Pine that give it strength and resilience. The Southern Yellow Pine is kiln dried two times to reduce shrinkage and twists. Then, the lumber is milled on all four sides to produce an even finish. Vinyl gazebos offer magnificence that will need no paint or stain in the future. The vinyl will not crack, peel, or rot causing most homeowners to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Use a gazebo for:
* Reading
* Conversation
* Outdoor dining
* Smoking
* Jacuzzi
* Pool side
* Overlook
* Meetings
* Summer TV viewing
* Weddings
* Dockside

Our landscape gazebos have classic charm and affordable style

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