* Classically charming
* Wood and vinyl Quakers come with shutters to accent the windows
* The perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality
* Center access with storage to the right and left sides

Commonly called the Salt Box Shed

Quaker sheds come standard with a double door, and two windows with shutters. The font wall is 7' 6" and the back wall is 6' 6" with a 5/12 roof pitch.

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Standard construction specifications:
Foundational timbers: 4" x 4" Pressure treated lumber extending the length of the structure.
Sub flooring: Floor joists are 2" x 4" / 16" on center
Flooring: 5/8" 5-Ply Plywood
Walls: 2" x 4" / 16" on center
Windows: Adjustable 4 grid single pane with screen and vinyl shutters
Doors: Vinyl covered 7/16" OSB front with reinforced interior frame, wrapped metal trim, and locking door handle (2 keys)
Hardware: Black antique strap and pin hinges
Siding: GP Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding with base walls constructed of 7/16" OSB Sheeting
Rafters: 2" x 4" / 16" on center (14' wide buildings are 2" x 6" / 16" on center)
Roofing: Architectural shingles over 7/16" OSB (Metal roof upgrade is available)

Standard Features:
8' wide 4' double door and 2 small windows
10' wide 5' double door and 2 medium windows
12' wide 5' double doors and 2 large windows

Front wall height is 7' 6" and the back wall is 6' 6"
All Quaker style buildings come with shutters.
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