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If you are looking for extreme durability choose a vinyl shed that is ready for delivery, or have yours specially made just for you.

North Country Storage Barn vinyl storage sheds, and storage barns are constructed with LP Dutch Lapp vinyl siding. These structures have a soft, warm, appealing look with a color palette that will match any area home or camp. Imagine never having to paint or stain a storage building again. The appearance of nicks and scratches is reduced by a special color through process. The vinyl buildings are made to order in the colors you desire. Vinyl storage buildings are in stock also and ready for delivery just click on your desired style.

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North Country Storage Barns typically is known for its Amish / Mennonite construction style of storage buildings, barns, and sheds. These structures have been made for the greater Watertown area, and surrounding Jefferson, Lewis, and Saint Lawrence counties since 1993. They have been made by a local area craftsman and owned and operated by the Martin brothers and the company continues to grow each year. If you're looking for great value that lasts, then you want a vinyl storage building that is built to stand the test of time. The warranties on the materials used are far above what you typically find at a larger area retailer. The building construction surpasses area standards. See our warranty page for construction details on the storage solution for your needs. Our delivery professionals use the highest caliber of delivery equipment, and our drivers will leave you awestruck with techniques to get the storage building right where you want it. Ask a salesman for details on what we can do and how we can deliver it.
As you look over the buildings, sales professionals are available to work with you. They can assist you in choosing a suitable storage solution and in deciding where best to place your shed on your property.

As you peruse the buildings on our site, choose one that best fits your style, and take into consideration what you will be housing inside of it. Keep in mind that you will probably acquire more objects throughout the years, and be sure that you choose a building size that you won't outgrow within the first few years. A regret that we have heard from past customers is they wished they had thought more long range and purchased a building that could have housed their future needs as well.

Storage sheds are available with overhead doors to make the ease of entry and exit easier. If you're looking to store the boat, tractor, ATV, or snowmobile you might want to consider an automatic door opener. A smaller 6' x 6' 6" overhead door is also available and can be installed into most any size shed.

See the options page for all of our offerings.

These sheds make great workshops and lofts. Workbenches can be added to the larger sized sheds.

All around the area, past customers have transformed our buildings into camps and had us install vinyl, double hung windows, insulated floors, electrical packages, and many other upgrades.

Our most popular siding is LP Smartside Exterior Siding or GP Dutch Lap vinyl siding. More than 200 sheds are ready and available for purchase from our three locations from spring to fall. Ordering a shed with your color and size is easy, and we also offer log siding, board and batten, and sturdy board if that is the look you yearn for.

All of our buildings come with architectural shingles. Metal roofing can be substituted at a small cost.

See the buildings specs page for warranty and building materials.

We deliver to New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Connecticut.

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