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North Country Storage Barns typically is known for its Amish or Mennonite construction style of storage buildings, barns, and sheds. These structures have been made for the greater Watertown area, and surrounding Jefferson, Lewis, and Saint Lawrence counties since 1993. They are prepared by local area craftsman and owned and operated by the Martin brothers for over 20 years. North Country Storage Barns continues to grow each year by shipping on average over 1000 buildings a year. If you're looking for great value that lasts, then you want a wooden storage building that is built to stand the test of time. The warranties on the materials used are far above what you typically find at a larger area retailer. The building construction surpasses area standards. See our warranty page for construction details on the storage solution for your needs. Our delivery professionals use the highest caliber of delivery equipment, and our drivers will leave you awestruck with techniques to get the storage building right where you want it. Ask a salesman for details on what we can do and how we can deliver it.

You can call it a wood storage shed, wood storage barn, or just a wooden shed. No matter what you call it, you know you can depend on a North Country Storage Barn for generations to come.

North Country Storage Barns is very proud to offer you different styles of storage barns, vehicle storage buildings, and firewood sheds. These are handmade from the finest materials by local craftsmen in Philadelphia, NY and Sandy Creek, NY. We have been constructing storage sheds and barns since 1993, and we are very thankful for our customers, old and new. As you look over the buildings, sales professionals are available to work with you. They can assist you in choosing a suitable storage solution and in deciding where best to place your shed on your property. Delivery specialists will prepare your site, and set the building at your desired location.

As you peruse the buildings, choose one that best fits your style, and take into consideration what you will be storing in it. Keep in mind that you will probably acquire more objects throughout the years, and be sure that you choose a building size that you won't outgrow within the first few years. A regret that we have heard from past customers is they wished they had thought more long range and purchased a building that could have housed their future needs as well.

Storage sheds are available with overhead doors to make entry and exit easier. If you're looking to store a boat, tractor, ATV, or snowmobile you might want to consider an automatic door opener. A smaller 6' x 6' 6" overhead door is also available and can be installed into most any size shed. See the options page for all of our offerings.

Portable Structures vs. On-Site Structures
The positive points of both:

Portable Structure:
1. Delivered in less than five days (stock sheds, site prep might require more time)
2. No tax increase to your property (not for all areas - check with your local town or village office)
3. Moves anywhere
4. Easy to sell and go larger in size
5. Repainting is simple
6. Fast easy solution when you need more space
7. Storage space that you own compared to a off-site rental storage unit that you will never own.

Onsite Building:
1. Permanent building designed by you
2. 2nd story can double your space
3. Any size or height
4. Can be attached to your excising home with a breezeway and or walkway
5. All of your storage and vehicles are in one place
6. Adds value to your property
7. Could be used as additional living space

Both Choices:
1. Can be made to match your home or office
2. Customizable options and features
3. Highest quality construction
4. Provides more space
5. Hand built by local craftsman with high quality materials

Please click on the assorted styles below to find the storage shed that is right for you.

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