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The Martin family is a large family of 11 brothers and sisters originally from the Lancaster, PA area. When the parents Harvey and Mary moved with the children to Philadelphia, NY they instilled in them that faith, family, and hard work are what they should be known for. With that firm foundation, they made Philadelphia, NY their place to work and raise their families. 

As the children grew up, North Country Mini Barns was established by the oldest brother Aaron Martin on March 1st, 1993, and that set the mark of excellence for the area for storage sheds, gazebos, and playgrounds.   

In 1999 Luke purchased the business from his older brother and expanded the product offerings over the years to make North Country Storage Barns what it is now.  Luke partnered with brothers Titus and Reuben and started a few other companies to better serve the area and beyond as well.   

2013 was the 20th anniversary year, John, Jason, Luke, Titus, Reuben, and Harvey are working side by side within the various companies. This local family business is consistently serving high quality goods and thanking God for being faithful with their family.  The Martin family also employs over 30 other local skilled men and women to keep the companies running.

2014 John has moved out of the area and Luke is once again the General Manager of the company.  Reuben and Titus are responsible for on-site construction, and managing the shop where your next shed is being constructed.  Luke also has some of his focus on Maple Lane Enterprise LLC and Maple Lane Farms.  Maple Lane Farm is supplying hay all around the east coast, and Maple Lane Enterprise LLC is a trucking company that moves freight on four tractor trailers.  If you need anything moved on a gooseneck or drop deck trailer call Luke at 315-783-2509 for a free quote.  Harvey is still working hard for company part time.

2015 Jason has left North Country Storage Barns to be married and work for a roofing company in the Lancaster, PA area.

North Country Storage Barns is the area leader for barns, gazebos, furniture, certified modular cabins, playgrounds, and custom built structures. They carry the highest quality Amish handcrafted furniture and gifts.  The storage units are handmade at the home location, and can be custom ordered to your exact specifications.   They also have a skilled craftsman that can build larger buildings to your exact needs at your location or property.  A Rent to own program is available for sheds, playgrounds, playhouses and gazebos.  See the web site or call the location for more info.  The home location is in Philadelphia NY just nine miles north on Route 11 from Fort Drum and a location in Sandy Creek / Pulaski, NY.  

Sandy Creek proudly serves the areas of Pulaski, Mexico, Oswego, Central Square, Baldwinsville, Syracuse, Fulton, Camden, and Rome areas and beyond.   

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