Headquarters - Philadelphia, NY

The Philadelphia location has been the main location for the company and where it all began in 1993.

The home location is on US Route 11, just 9.5 miles north of the main gate of Fort Drum, the home of the 10th Mountain Division US Army base.  North Country Storage Barns manufactures all of the storage sheds, barns, and vehicle storage units (garages) at this location. Stop by this location when you're visiting the 1000 Islands area and see over two hundred storage structures, gazebos, certified modular homes, and a wide assortment of gifts and furniture.  The storage buildings are always open. Feel free to browse the sheds even after business hours.  Please be sure to see the playgrounds and animal structures, also.  Your children are welcome to play on the swing sets, playgrounds, and playhouses.  This main location has friendly, knowledgeable sales staff to assist you with your purchase. If you need them... they might be in the shop making more sheds!  


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