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Building styles

Thank you for considering a structure from us North Country Storage Barns.  We manufacture about a thousand sheds and barns every year, and have been doing that for over twenty years.  We know we’re not the only choice for your next structure, and the competition grows greater each year.  We hope you’ll take the time to consider how we are different in our construction quality, no-pressure sales, and comfort of the display areas.  We provide a lot of information in our catalog, on our web site, and our genuine concern is that you make the right decision for your next structure purchase.  Our vision for over the years has been providing excellence in how we operate as a company and provide products to you our customers.

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Sizes and options

Sizes & Options
Now that you’re here and doing your research, what are you going to do with this new structure?  Is it for general storage, crafts, a workshop, a pool house, a camp, a cottage, a man cave, a gardening shed, a business office, a painting room, or to free up space in the garage attached to your house?  With eight different styles to choose from and all the color options, be sure you have a structure in mind that will suit your needs and appeal to your eye as will you use it for years to come.  Keep in mind that the structures can be utilized for multiple applications.  From a basic Low Wall to a Chalet that will turn heads in your neighborhood, we have something that will fit your application and design style.

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Material and colors

Material & Colors
Why wood over vinyl?  

Wood is classic and strong and is a staple of North Country Storage Barns.  Horizontal lines and painted or stained siding can easily match your home.  Attaching decorations and alterations are easy with the LP Smartside siding.  The special blend of paint should last for 10 years or more. 

Vinyl buildings are stress free and wash clean with a garden hose and soapy water.  The horizontal lines of the GP Dutch lap siding is easily matched to the vinyl siding on your home.  Another advantage of a vinyl building is that they come standard with two opening windows. 

Be sure to think about size and options.  You will want to purchase a structure a little bit bigger than what you need now, because you know someone will probably get even more stuff to store in it later in life. You can also add a workbench or loft to get more things off the floor and optimize more storage space within the new structure.

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Site preparation and delivery

Material & Colors
Location, location, location!  We suggest placing the structure close to the home for easy access and be sure you pick a spot with good drainage.  A perfect place would be a dry, sunny, location near to the back of the home.  If this is not possible, don’t worry.  Gutters can be easily attached and most sheds can be built with a 6” overhang to insure better rain drainage.  We can prepare the site for a small fee, or you could prepare the site yourself.  Site preparation insures that the structure is set up level and stays level.  Please see the delivery details and requirements to get your new structure right where you want it. 

Are you ready for the delivery show?  Our customers have been left in utter awe after watching us deliver a structure to their driveway, yard, or other interesting locations.  This event is something you will not want to miss.  

If you think we can’t get the structure where you desire, we can bring it as a kit and assemble it from scratch, or ask us about “the mule” for real tight spots.  

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Buyer’s check list:

o    Application
o    Style
o    Size
o    Siding
o    Colors
o    Options
o    Site location
o    Preparation of site
o    Payment
o    Delivery

Don't forget... a shed is just a shed, but there is nothing else like a North Country Storage Barn!

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